On The Run

Chilli B’s extensive menu is served quickly to those on a tight schedule. Don’t be fooled by that queue out the door, we are masters at getting you served On The Run. Whether it is breakfast or lunch, everything is prepared in front of you with ample choice from the freshest ingredients. Be adventurous or conservative with your food, but above all enjoy it.

Take Away Coffee and Tea

Forget the multiple coffee places with their dull blends of coffee. Have you ever wondered why sometimes your coffee hit’s the spot and others it makes you shudder?  That’s because they use a blend.  No cheap blends to bulk out your drink used in our coffee. 100% Arabica bean from Illy, natural oils and sugar from the bean, blended from the pressurised container means it’s always uber fresh.  We also serve Tea Pigs tea, no nasty stuff in our organic temples just pure tea or flowers. Take out, drink in… Choice is a marvellous thing.